About Us

MindworQ views the web as a new frontier with endless possibilities. We're free to create and express ourselves in any way we want with no boundaries.

We take this mindset into every project we approach. We don't look to others for inspiration, nor do we try to mimic or re-create something that someone else has already done. Rather, we try to develop a new way of thinking. Then we create apps and websites that offer solutions in a way that no one has thought of before.

If you're looking for websites and apps that look the same as the next guys, MindworQ is not for you. But, if you have an idea for something new that nobody has ever done before, talk to us.

We believe anything is possible. We've developed website functions and ways to do things that no one has ever done before. Our innovative designs and simple user interfaces have been recognized throughout the industry for their unique approach and functionality.

Have an idea? Contact us, let's do something different.