The Brisco Mobile app is a fully functional version of the Brisco Web Application. With it you can see your league’s standings, when your next game is, or send a message to your coach.

    There are two versions of the app. The regular version, which allows users to see any information displayed on the site, and the Pro version. The pro version allows editing functions (that will appear on the web app). An example of this would be to enter game results or postpone a game because of a rain out.

    Brisco Systems

    • Platform: iOS & Android
    • Client: Brisco
    • Status: Under Development
    • Release date (projected): 9/1/2015
    • Designed By: Scott Grote
    • Design Timeframe: 1 Months
    • Programming by: MindworQ
    • Programming / Development Time: 6 Month
    • Budget: $3,000.00 to $3,500.00