The Dialoggg website has a little bit of everything that can be found in a web app. It features an extensive user management interface, integrated cloud storage on the user’s server, calendar and event coordination, and database functions.

    Dialoggg has been designed to behave like a miniature version of Microsoft SharePoint, but is geared specifically to the contracting and service industries. If your Business has projects, Dialoggg will make your life easier.

    Perhaps Dialoggg’s most powerful feature is it's project plan. Designed 100% by MindworQ, the project plan allows a user to manipulate a projects schedule on the calendar in real time, just by dragging events on the calendar with a mouse. This is something that's never been done before on a web based application.

    United States of America

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    • Client:
    • Status: Under Developmant.
    • Release date (projected): 2/1/2015
    • Designed By: Scott Grote
    • Design Timeframe: 6 Months
    • Programming by: MindworQ
    • Programming / Development Time: 6 Month
    • SEO Optimization: Yes
    • Budget: $68,000.00 to $74,000.00