Grote Construction is a small custom homebuilder and remodeler in southeastern Pennsylvania. Their unique approach to building has led them to design truly custom architecture for their clients. In order to express this, they hired us to create a website with that same unique flair. We created a flash-based website for them that provides seamless transitioning and top-tier professionalism.

    This flash-based website has a unique look and feel with the smooth transitions from page to page.

    Grote Construction Inc

    South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA

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    • Website URL:
    • Client: Grote Construction Inc.
    • Status: Completed
    • Release date: 10/1/2008
    • Designed By: Qing Li/Scott Grote
    • Design Timeframe: 1 Week
    • Programming by: Qing Li
    • Programming / Development Time: 1 Month
    • SEO Optimization: Yes
    • Budget: $1,000.00 to $1,500.00