Website Applications behave like software that is actually installed on your PC or Mac. Designing and programming web apps is extremely advanced and highly technical.

    Website applications typically have extensive database requirements. Managing these databases correctly is the key to making the site work correctly and quickly.

    Web apps generally have a user management system that will allow different people to use the site upon logging on. Oftentimes the site will have a hierarchy of users that will allow certain users to perform functions and access areas that other users can’t.

    The MindworQ team is at the forefront when it comes to designing web applications. We have yet to say “We can't do that”. With proper planning and technical know-how, we can make a website do almost anything.

    Typically, web applications are designed with profit in mind by selling the web app’s service. Other times, they're designed to perform needs of a corporation or organization. Whatever your need, MindworQ can build a web app to do it.

    To learn more about what a Web App is and how it works, CLICK HERE

    Website Apps

    • Typical Design Timeframe: 2-6 Months
    • Programming by: MindworQ
    • Programming / Development Time: 2 Months – 24 Months
    • Testing Timeframe: 1-3 Months
    • Site Maintenance: Service Plans Available
    • Typical Budget: $500.00 to $4,000.00