At the core, Minerale' Design is a company that primarily designs concrete countertops. However, their product line is unique in that it extends to building custom furniture, artwork, and anything else that can be cast out of decorative specialty concrete. They needed a website that could distinguish them from the average concrete countertop supplier.

    To them, their product is artwork. They wanted a website that would make the visitor feel like they were walking through an art gallery.

    Azure Stoneworks

    South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA

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    • Website URL:
    • Client: Minerale’ Design
    • Status: Completed
    • Release date: 10/1/2009
    • Designed By: Qing Li/Scott Grote
    • Design Timeframe: 2 Weeks
    • Programming by: Qing Li
    • Programming / Development Time: 1 Month
    • SEO Optimization: Yes
    • Budget: $1,400.00 to $1,800.00